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This multi-genre group, originally created in 1969 by teenagers Cameron McIntosh on bass, Arthur “Jody” Greenidge on rhythm guitar, Thomas “Robin Renoir” Henry on lead guitar and Daniel “Danny” McLaren on drums.  This collection of talented young men, then known as Us, evolved into The Electric Soul Band, bursting onto the Cambridge, Massachusetts music scene in 1971, playing a fusion of R&B, funk, pop and rock songs made popular by Sly and the Family Stone, Earth, Wind and Fire, Kool and The Gang, James Brown, The Blackbyrds, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Little Richard and many others.


In 1972, a group called Hesperus, which contained neighborhood friends Eugene “Gene” Flood, Peter Waddie, Joseph “Jay” Waddie, Robert “Fitzy” Fitzgerald and Kenneth “Kenny” Goode, who were popular in their own right, entered into negotiations to join forces.  The Electric Soul Band evolved into a super group, becoming the most popular group in the New England area, which now featured two drummers, two lead guitarists, a rhythm guitarist, two bassists, and a keyboardist, conquered the music scene for several years. 


By 1974 the band reconfigured to drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, two saxophones and a trumpet.  They performed in many locations including the Cambridge Public School teen centers; National Guard functions; Harvard and MIT boat house functions; commencements and dances; several Sheraton Hotels; Chateau Deville (Randolph and Saugus locations); VFW’s in Cambridge and Boston; John Hancock Hall (Dorothy Quincy Suite) functions; Commonwealth of Massachusetts Men and Women Detention Centers and the Masonic Temples all across Massachusetts, just to name a few. The Electric Soul Band also won a statewide talent show, to the thrill of their loyal fans. As the decade drew to a close, some members who were college students relocated, while others ventured into different projects.


In the 1980’s, the band expanded their musical journey to include smooth jazz, as well as implementing gospel to their repertoire in the early 1990’s. As time went on, things slowed down in the mid to late 90’s as the band members took time off to marry and raise their families.


After over a decade apart, in 2005, the band picked up where they left off.  With new faces and talents, the group has moved forward into the 21st century.  Along with founding members Cameron "Funky Bass Player" McIntosh on bass guitar and vocals; Arthur “Jody” Greenidge on rhythm guitar and vocals; Adrian Atkins on keyboard; Roy Isaac on keyboard and vocals; Michael Ennis on lead guitar and vocals; Edward Sokolowski on drums and vocals; Grayson "Shades of Gray" Chapman on lead, background vocals and percussion; Kushelia Sukhu on lead, background vocals, keyboard and percussion and Sharilynn “Sensational Sherri” McIntosh on lead, background vocals, keyboard and percussion.  This edition of The Electric Soul Band will not disappoint, as they rock the house with their versatile styles of music.

The Electric Soul is a multi-genre band that plays  Classic & New R&B, Funk, Smooth & Traditional Jazz, Soft & Classic Rock, Solid Gold Oldies, Latin, Traditional & Contemporary Gospel music.

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