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Electric Soul Entertainment is the parent company and umbrella for The Electric Soul Band.  We host three annual events per year, Jazz Cafe, Soul Cafe and Spring Breakout.


We partner with Skeeter's Tavern in Brockton, MA to bring quality entertainment to the South Shore of Massachusetts.  Our recent networking includes local acts appearing such as: The Electric Soul Band and The Red Velvet Steppers featuring DJ Harmony.


We are expanding our base to the Northern, Eastern and Western parts of the New England area.  Stay tuned for our special events coming up in the near future!

Cameron & Sharilynn McIntosh

Cameron is the CEO and Founder of Electric Soul Entertainment, while his wife, Sharilynn, is the Managing Event Planner & Social Media Marketing Specialist.

The Electric Soul is a multi-genre band that plays  Classic & New R&B, Funk, Smooth & Traditional Jazz, Soft & Classic Rock, Solid Gold Oldies, Latin, Traditional & Contemporary Gospel music.

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